Body chan/kun from BANDAI

I've got a gift from Dhiego Lucio that will help me in my creativity.
Basically, the gift includes two action figurines in gray color with a set of extra hands, stand and a few accessories. They are Body-chan and Body-kun 
I decided to test girl version and write my impressions.

Already using her for posing character help. Not a solution, but a very good visual example and a hint for artwork.

Her mobility is not enough for twisted and arched poses. The chest joint is the root of the problem. And if compare, then my Obitsu body poses somehow better for that purpose.
Here are my efforts to pose her laying.

Arms also have limits of movement that could be better and on the front pose with the tablet, you can notice her weird shoulder position. It is always better to remember the anatomy because this cutie is not the best example for this.

I am participating in art contest on cyberbrush and today I made my little maid pose to help me with poses for sketches. Here go the photos.

I was not bothered about changing hands on her for this photoshoot because my imagination is enough to change hands in process of drawing, but, as I said above, she has a good number of additional hands. I posed her based on poses I've got inspired from other artworks, but Body-chan will help me to avoid subconsciously copying someone else's style and leave enough of space for mine imagination to flow. 

Little tricky helper ^____^ And I am in love with her legs! 

Ask me questions here in comments if you would like to know something else about them or want to request more photos. You can add picture in comment (uses html code) and I will try to pose her or him accordingly.


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