Color palette

Here is the collection of web sources that will help you to generate or find the perfect color combinations for your designs, artworks or any creativity that based on color combinations.

Design Seeds

Search palettes by color value or by theme. Most popular between palettes resources.


Designers and color-minded folks share color palettes on this site constantly, so there’s always fresh inspiration at the ready. Colourlovers is a great site for lovers of color everywhere with some great articles and thought provoking insight into color and its usage.


Intuitive tools and resources for inspiration, with the palette creation mechanism packing a lot of functionality into a single screen. Plenty of export options too.

Color Palettes

A simple color palette site, nice and comfortable.

Color Hunt

ColorHunt’s homepage is updated every day with new color palettes created by community members Each scheme is comprised of simple, yet elegant tones that can be used for inspiration on any design project. A site that offers a curated collection of color schemes for any purpose. 
By creating smart and simple compositions of several tones, we provide beautiful palletes of colors that work together.
Enter a tag, hex code or image URL to search for color palettes matching your criteria.

Colors on web

This site is very simple but informative about colors. Color names, color theory and plenty of color matching tools.

Color Drop

Color palettes collection. No sorting available.
Analogical site Flatcolors


The interactive color wheel

Color wheel is the core of the color theory. If you want to know more about, use youtube or Google search, there is a lot of exhaustive information about it. 

Color palette generator

The place where you can turn any picture into a palette of colors. Personally I do not like how it works, but still helps with inspiration.


  1. Color picker from pictures
    one that works better than the last option in the list above.


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