The DArtsy personality.

  Born in a creative family in Moscow, Russian Federation in 1983th and live wild free since left parent’s home. Located at Art avenue she prefers warm sunlight and cinnamon coffee at late mornings.  Major daily routine is to climb the colorful stairs of the art career and art education, keeping herself in a good shape during 10+ years of artist career. Always improving for career and personality, a fast learner.   
  She is building the one-way bridge to Canada (immigration).

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  Video games, dolls, and photography are her main hobbies besides drawing. Each of the hobbies enriches her professional skills because a great artist is a fully-developed individual. 
  ✦  Photography helps to better understand the composition, space, and light.
  ✦  Computer/console games help to keep abreast of events in the game industry, develop cognitive/logical thinking, improve reflexes and concentration, help to make quick decisions.
  ✦  Collecting jointed dolls and figures connected to photography, but also it is all about character creation.

  Dartsy has a humanitarian mind  and commitment to the social sciences. Moderately communicative. She loves to inspire other people and uses some funny gesticulation during a conversation (for this reason, she is often called the "Cartoon girl"). 
  Favorite time of the day is contrasts of sunset. As a night owl spreads her wings with dusk, hunts inspiration at night.  

  This girl was an extremely shy kid in primary school and great at climbing trees. 
  Grew up responsible, analytical, and skeptical person. Dartsy loves to study and analyze topics (knows how to work properly with reference material), looks into the core of things.
  Has composure and a healthy sense of humor. Active and positive life position. 
  No smoking and no alcohol abuse.
  Chills watching sparkles on water in accompany of calm music. She loves to swing, play Mahjong, watch teen series on Netflix. 
  Favorite colors: navy blue, calm carmine red, silver, light mint, soft coral.
  Food: Pasta, vegetables. COFFEE, beer, and Mojito. Very pleased with Mexican cuisine.
Addicted to short-fur pets with a loooong body such as ferrets, dachshunds, long cats etc.

Being an observative person: has a good visual memory; has a well-developed sense of beauty; cares a lot about an external aspect of things. She pays much attention to the neat organization of space.

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